Collagen Cell-Matrix Cell Product

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  • Collagen Cell-Matrix Cell Product

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    K012751 – FDA

    Product code (classification): MQV (not classified). Legally Marketed … HEALOSº
    Bone Graft Material (HEALOS) is a mineralized collagen matrix processed into
    lyophilized strips or … fibers are fixed into a three dimensional, open-cell matrix.

    Type VIII collagen is a product of vascular smooth-muscle cells in …

    Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell-Matrix Research, University of Manchester,
    School of Biological … antibodies to the α1 and α2 chains of type VIII collagen,

    Bronchial Epithelial Cell Matrix Production in Response to … – NCBI

    Bronchial Epithelial Cell Matrix Production in Response to Silica and Basic …
    collagen, and fibronectin) were also evaluated using radio- …. Product Size.

    modulated by cell proliferation, cell shape and the subtratum – NCBI

    Jan 11, 1990 … biosynthetic product of confluent, quiescent cells cultured on dishes coated with
    either gelatin or … When cells are cultured on gelatin- or collagen-coated dishes,
    … involved in a variety of cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions.

    Mitogenic for Fibroblasts – NCBI

    cells. A floating tumor cell matrix added to the cell … tumor cell matrix for the
    mitogenic response to occur. … Collagen is a major synthetic product of

    Biochemical and immunohistochemical characterization of human …

    Nineteen types, the product of 33 genes, comprise the collagen family of proteins.
    … assays of rhabdomyosarcoma cell/matrix homogenates to identify a 165-kd …
    ization of type XIX collagen in many human tissues and a restricted presence of …

    Shape and assembly of type IV procoliagen obtained from cell culture

    the cell matrix, non-reducible cross-links between the 7S do- mains are formed
    while … both type IV collagen and laminin bind to heparin, the for- mation of
    higher …. precipitation product appeared to be the pro-al(IV) chain. Both chains
    were …

    Expression of pro-inflammatory markers by human dermal …

    primary human dermal fibroblasts cultured in a relaxed collagen environment
    and … Key words: cell–matrix interaction, collagen lattice, differential gene
    expression ….. described as an immediate-early gene product in response to
    cellular …

    Syndecans: multifunctional cell-surface co-receptors – NCBI

    including cell proliferation and cell–matrix and cell–cell adhesion. Syndecan
    expression is ….. These structural differences can result in differences in affinity
    for type I collagen …. has characteristics of an immediate-early-gene product. In

    Partial characterization of cell–type X collagen interactions – NCBI

    The involvement of the α2β1 integrin in type X collagen–cell interaction was
    demonstrated … cell–matrix interactions are critical to many of these processes. [
    7–9]. …. Taq polymerase (Promega), 1.5 mM MgCl2, 1 µl of RT product, and 1 µl
    of 10 …

    Activation of a 66-kilodalton human endothelial cell matrix …

    Activation of a 66-Kilodalton Human Endothelial Cell Matrix … processing, the 66-
    kDa gelatinase may be a proteolytic cleavage product of a latent MMP …. of
    casein per ml, or 0.5 mg of human placenta type IV collagen (Sigma) per ml.

    Specific collagen XVIII isoforms promote adipose tissue accrual via …

    Jul 14, 2014 … aFaculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Oulu Center for Cell-Matrix
    Research, … ces unique to medium/long collagen XVIII by creating P-specific null
    mice … samples from P2-null mice contain larger reserves of a cell popu- ….. Note
    , P1-derived Col18a1 gene-product is the predominate isoform in …

    Modulation of cell adhesion during epithelial restitution in the …

    It is now apparent that changes in cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions occur …
    tous polyposis coli tumor suppressor gene product [12, 13] and may be … ulate
    adhesion and migration ofcolonic epithelial cells on laminin and collagen [29, 30]

    Schistosoma mansoni degrade connective-tissue and … – NCBI

    tissue extracellular matrix, and finally an endothelial-cell basement … collagen
    types, which allowed comparison of larval in- …. undegraded laminin and any
    degradation product … and the smooth-muscle-cell matrix (cercariae, 68+ 120%.

    Ultrastructural morphology and expression of proteoglycans … – NCBI

    ments and wide spacing collagen fibres … in the chicken.12 14 18 TN-C is the
    product of a single gene …… cell-matrix interactions: SPARC, tenascin, and throm

    Cell Surface Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan of Arterial … – NCBI

    cell surface may modulate cel-cell and cell-matrix inter- actions and cell … ative
    action of the structurally related mast cell product, heparin. Clowes and …… din,
    matrix molecules such as collagen and laminin, or tains both CS and HS chains,

    CD44 and hyaluronan expression in the development of … – NCBI

    and tubular cell–matrix and cell–cell interactions during the induction and
    progression of crescentic … collagen and fibronectin [3,4], and a recent report has
    identified …. addition, the RT-PCR product for the standard form of CD44 was.

    Ribonucleic Acid in Two Cell-Free Protein-Synthesizing … – NCBI

    synthesize polypeptides similar to pro-a chains of collagen was tested on the
    bases of electrophoretic mobility and … secreted into the surrounding cell matrix
    as soluble triple-helical …… suggesting that this collagenous product synthesized.

    Transgenic Expression of COLlAl-Chloramphenicol … – NCBI

    primary bone cells compared with collagen synthesis and COLlAl mRNA levels in
    … or to alterations in cell-cell and/or cell-matrix interactions that normally occur in
    intact bone. …. the product versus time of incubation and is expressed as.

    Thrombospondin in Human Glomerulopathies – NCBI

    fibronectin, collagen, histidine-rich … gates.3 A variety of cell-cell and cell-matrix
    interactions …. type of TSP gene product that we are localizing in these kidney …

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